Gifts For Guys Who Love Golf

G.O.L.F stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. You might have heard of that before, but it is actually an urban legend. While the game of golf is enjoyed by women, it is still very much a man’s game. Men make up nearly 80 percent of the golfers in America. What is it about the sport that men love? One theory is that it’s linked to their instinctive desire to hit objects with sticks, as a defense mechanism, which could explain why they also love baseball, hockey and shooting pool.

Another reason is that Golf is a game men love to conquer because it is very challenging. It’s a one-on-one game were they compete with them self in attempt to achieve a lower score than their handicap, which means their average score. So while in other sports the winner is the person or team with the higher score, in Golf that is actually the opposite. He is ultimately competing against himself every time he goes out on the course, trying to lower his average score.

And, let’s not forget it is another way he can get together with his buddies, engage in some friendly competition and kick back a few drinks while enjoying the outdoors.

So now that you may have a bit of insight as to why he loves the game, here’s a few gifts that will help him improve his game or just gifts that any golf lover would appreciate:

Golf Lesson With A PGA Pro

golf-lessons-pga-pro1.jpgThis is the ultimate best gift for the Golf lover. PGA Class A Professionals are universally recognized as the leaders in the field of golf instruction. The instructors include regional PGA Teachers of the Year, Collegiate coaches, and former tour players. With a private lesson from a PGA Class A Professional, he will discover techniques and strategies for improvement that would otherwise take years to learn. He can learn to add distance to his drive, improve his short game, or learn how to finally hit his irons straight, the professional instructor will help him reach any desired goals.

From $129;


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